The Cambridge Stravinsky Encyclopedia

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Cambridge University Press

The Cambridge Stravinsky Encyclopedia édited by Edward Campbell (University of Aberdeen) and Peter O'Hagan (Roehampton University, London).

With entries written by Valérie DUFOUR (LaM-ULB) and Marie-Pier LEDUC (LaM-ULB & Université de Montréal).
With entries written by more than fifty international contributors from Russian, European and American traditions, The Cambridge Stravinsky Encyclopedia presents multiple perspectives on the life, works, writings and aesthetic relationships of this multi-faceted creative artist. This important resource explores Stravinsky's relationships with virtually all the major artistic figures of his time, painters, dramatists, choreographers and producers as well musicians and brings together fresh insights into to the life and work of one of the twentieth century's greatest composers.
September 2021 - Cambridge University Press