29 AVR 24 - Harmony Across Cultures: Unraveling the Cultural Fabric of Jewish Moroccan Musical Practices.

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Harmony Across Cultures: Unraveling the Cultural Fabric of Jewish Moroccan Musical Practices. 

Mohammed Elaloui (Université Hassan II, Casablanca)

ICTMD – LaM Seminar, Monday April 29th, 2023, 4-6pm.


This seminar will examine the sociology of art within the context of Moroccan Jews. Our research aims to understand the cultural and social dynamics surrounding the artistic practices of Moroccan Jews and their contribution to fostering coexistence between Muslims and Jews. Through critical analysis, we will explore the historical, social, and cultural factors that have shaped the art of Moroccan Jews and its role in cultural preservation and communal cohesion. We will investigate how art and particularly music has facilitated dialogue, empathy, and understanding between the two communities, contributing to interfaith relations and shared cultural heritage. Our research focuses mainly on chgouri and ‘aita repertoires, but examples will be taken in other genres as well. By embracing a perspective focusing on sociology of art, we seek to contribute to ongoing discourse, research, and collaboration promoting mutual respect and understanding.


Mohammed Elaloui is a PhD researcher at the University of Hassan II in Casablanca, affiliated with the Faculty of Mohammadia (Socio-Anthropology of Art and Music). His ethnomusicological research focuses on Jewish Moroccan music, aiming to unravel the cultural nuances of this distinctive musical tradition. His work contributes to understanding Moroccan Jewish heritage, highlighting the significant role of music in cultural preservation and fostering interfaith dialogue.