27 MAR 24 - ‘Historical Concerts’ and Music Historiography: The Case of François-Joseph Fétis

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François-Joseph Fétis’s so-called ‘historical concerts’ (concerts historiques) beginning in 1832, which presented to Paris and Brussels audiences an unprecedented variety of music from the sixteenth century to the present, have long been recognised for the pivotal role they played in transforming European musical tastes and in redefining the historical relationship between past and present (Wangermée 1951). What is still lacking, however, and what this paper proposes, is, first of all, an approach that opens up Fétis’s historical performance practices to comparison with similarly conceived concert performances that took place elsewhere in Europe within a few years of those convened by Fétis. Secondly, I am interested in investigating the relationship between Fétis’s ‘historical concerts’ and the philosophy of music history that to a large extent underpinned it, and to consider Fétis as a case study for analysing the broader symbiosis between intellectual production and performance practice in European musical culture of the 1830s and 1840s.

Cette conférence donnée par Jeremy COLEMAN, chercheur visiteur au LaM, et organisée dans le cadre du cours MUSI-B410 enseigné par Adeline HECK.

27 mars 2024 | 11h-12h ULB, S.NB2.MUS

Image : François Joseph Fetis